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Tibetan Rug Cleaning Cheshire

The History of the Tibetan Rug

The Tibetan rug’s origins date right back to over fifteen hundred years ago, but finding a rug from that era is significantly rare. To begin with, rugs from Tibet were made for everyday use; either in homes or in monasteries until they were fully worn out and replaced. Not only that but Tibetan rugs were neither respected royally or as a huge revenue stream, thus were not exported worldwide.

If you were to see an antique Tibetan carpet today, the chances are the rug is from the late 1700s to the mid-1900s. In 1959, China took over Tibet, starting a movement in the production of Tibetan rugs that then took on the aesthetic of those from China. Rug production began in several refugee camps, but by 70s, they were being shipped to European countries.

Then, from the 80s, Tibetan rugs took a turn for the best and were improved in their quality and appearance. Now, modern designs and the finest quality materials are used to make Tibetan rugs which are then commissioned by American or European markets, and are of exceptionally high value.

Their value has increased due to the work that goes into weaving them; with such bold colours that are made of natural silk and Nepalese wool, they are entirely durable and remarkably beautiful. This not only gives you the upper hand in telling Tibetan rugs apart from other Oriental rugs but so does their knotting.

The origins of the Tibetan rugs basic knotting is a mystery to this day; Asian, Turkish and Persian knots are what creates their carpets pile or depth of a carpet, but Tibetan weavers stick with the Tibetan knot. The Tibetan knot is where rugs are woven by a wrapped length of yarn over a rod that is laid across the warps and stretched on the loom. Once the yarn has fully wrapped the rod, a knife is traced across the yarn into two rows of pile tufts. This unusual weaving style is usually described similarly to corduroy in appearence from it creating obvious rows in the pile.

Except for Scandinavia and Tibet, this version of knot is not seen elsewhere. Whether it originated in Tibet or from another culture, we will never know. However, they do have ties with other countries through the mountains when trading, so the possibilities are endless. The only reason that it has been questioned that other cultures have influenced Tibetan rugs is seen in the patterns and prints on them.

The motifs and colours seen on today’s Tibetan rugs suggest that they could have traces of India, China and Mongolia in them. The traditional Tibet elements are replicators of Tibet’s ancient shamanistic culture. During the 8th century until today, Buddhism is prevalent in the inspiration behind the Tibetan carpets’ imagery.

With bold colours, geometric patterns and the elegance of naturalistic imagery and symbols- this all proves their Buddhist connection. From their undeniably high-quality knots and gorgeous detailing, it is no wonder that these Tibetan rugs are seen as a true investment. With that being said, it is only applicable that you look after such an expensive carpet.

Cleaning Tibeten Rugs

At home, you need to make sure that you are consistently rotating your rug so that the wear is adequately distributed. Also, keeping your rug out of direct sunlight is crucial so that the UV rays do not affect the carpet’s colouring. Lastly, hoovering it to maintain its cleanliness is also imperative, too. Although all of these at-home remedies are a must for your rug, to ensure that it stays in its prime condition, you must get it professionally deep cleaned.

Here at Arcadia Rug Spa, our processes and industry-leading equipment allow us to clean and repair all types of Oriental rugs. By leaving your rug in our carefully considered hands, we will do the utmost to clean and fix your rug, ensuring that we do everything in our power to return it to its original state. We know how valuable your rug is, which is why with our 12-step cleaning process, we are able to give it the best chances at looking, feeling and smelling its best.

If you pop into our Northwich store, we can determine whether or not your rug is viable for our carpet cleaning services. Like with any Oriental rug, your carpet may be susceptible to damage from lighting or the run of dyes, amongst other complications. Depending on the severity of the issue, we may be able to counteract it, but for instance, if your rug is critically stained, we might not be able to treat it.

Continue exploring our site for a closer look into our rug cleaning services in Cheshire, but in the meantime, check out our fun facts about Tibetan rugs below:

  • The same knot technique that we see on Tibetan rugs has been seen in 1500-year-old carpet remains from Egypt!
  • The highland sheep’s wool that is used to create a Tibetan Rug is called Changpel!
  • Tibetan rugs were even used for horse saddles back in the day!

Rug Cleaning in action

This video show’s the thorough 12 step rug cleaning process most rugs go through to get the best results for your area rug. However there is a very small amount of rugs that are not suited to being cleaned in the wash pit due to construction but it will still be cleaned thoroughly using a method that will be both safe for your rug while giving you exceptional cleaning results.

With the equipment and facilities we have here at Arcadia Rug Spa we are able to cater for all types of rug cleaning from Machine made Modern rugs to Hand Knotted Persian silk carpets.

Why choose Arcadia Rug Spa?

Are you looking for a prayer rug cleaning service in Cheshire? Get in contact with us today, and we will conduct a bespoke treatment on your Indian rug. For further information on Arcadia Rug Spa and our step-by-step guide for our cleaning processes, have a gander on our website!

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