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Prayer Rug Cleaning Cheshire

The History of the Prayer Rug

Prayer rugs are one of the major types of rugs produced in central and western Asia; they are primarily used by Muslims when praying to Allah. Prayer rugs are used to cover the floor or bare ground while Muslims get on their knees. Each type is characterized by the prayer niche or mihrab, an arch-shaped design that is found at one end of the carpet. This arch should always point toward the Mecca while Muslims pray.

Anatolia is where these rugs are predominantly made, and to tell these apart from other types of Mihrabs, they are usually pointed and have a step-like motif along the border of them. On the other hand, when a Mihrabs on a Persian rug, they are curvilinear and a lot more elegant looking, whereas those on Caucasian and Turkmen rugs are usually rectangular.

Some prayer rugs are known as ‘brothers rugs’; these carpets have two or three mihrabs side by side on the design of them. Saffs which is the name given to large prayer rugs, tend to be subdivided into many small compartments, each of which has its own mihrab.

Because of the nature of prayer rugs, they are usually decorated with religious symbols which are seen to serve the worshiper as aids to memory. An example of prayer rug patterns is a water pitcher which reminds a Muslim to wash his hands and comb his beard and hair before worshipping. Similarly, Caucasian rugs show where the Muslim needs to put their hands when praying- this is seen on both sides of the prayer rug, too.

Cleaning Prayer Rugs

It may not come as a surprise that these rugs are of very high-quality. From the distinctive weaves that tell them apart, a prayer rug, depending on its origins and birth, can have different care instructions in comparison to the next one. Here at Arcadia Rug Spa, we undergo certain precautions depending on the type of rug that we get approached with, as well as it’s quality.

Our services depend on you. On the first arrival, we must assess your rug to ensure that it can get the most out of our carpet cleaning services. We do this by making sure that your rug hasn’t been susceptible to any severe damage; whether that’s from weather, pets or significant wear and tear.

If your prayer rug has deep staining, fraying or colour bleed, to name a few complications, our processes may not give it the best chances at being revived. However, we will still put all of our time and efforts into trying our best, as well as deep cleaning it so that it is hygienic and fresh for you to put back on your floor.

With our 12 step cleaning system, and with rugs that are viable for our services, we are able to counteract stains, remove soil, groom and ensure that it is as clean as it can be before we carry out our repair services if needs be. We even dedicate an inspection at the end to ensure that we haven’t missed anything; we vacuum the carpet one more time to give it that extra sparkling final touch.

With over 20 years of combined experience in the rug industry, our team has the experience and knowledge that give all types of Oriental carpets the best chances at being revived and refreshed. We only use industry-leading methods and machinery, so our clients can be completely confident when leaving us with the responsibility of their prized home furnishing.

We understand that Oriental rugs can have sentimental value and can be highly expensive, but rest assured because you couldn’t leave your carpet in more reliable and trustworthy hands; we are one of North West’s leading rug restorer, after all.

Continue exploring our website to find out more about us, how we can assist you with your prayer rug and how you can take care of your carpet while at home between professional washes. In the meantime, see below for some fun prayer rug facts:

  • The drawing of animate objects on prayer mats is forbidden due to religion!
  • All Muslims are required to know the direction towards Mecca, wherever they are in the world!
  • It is disrespectful to use a prayer mat in a dirty area!

Rug Cleaning in action

This video show’s the thorough 12 step rug cleaning process most rugs go through to get the best results for your area rug. However there is a very small amount of rugs that are not suited to being cleaned in the wash pit due to construction but it will still be cleaned thoroughly using a method that will be both safe for your rug while giving you exceptional cleaning results.

With the equipment and facilities we have here at Arcadia Rug Spa we are able to cater for all types of rug cleaning from Machine made Modern rugs to Hand Knotted Persian silk carpets.

Why choose Arcadia Rug Spa?

Are you looking for a prayer rug cleaning service in Cheshire? Get in contact with us today, and we will conduct a bespoke treatment on your Indian rug. For further information on Arcadia Rug Spa and our step-by-step guide for our cleaning processes, have a gander on our website!

Best of Arcadia Rug Spa

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