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Pakistan Rug Cleaning Cheshire

Pakistan Rug Cleaning

Pakistan rugs date right back to the 11th century, but from the 16th is where they became more prevalent- at the beginning of the Mughal Dynasty where the last successor of Timur, Babur founded the Mughal Empire. Before this, Moenjodaro and Harappa, two ancient cities of the Indus Valley inhabited the art of making carpets. It has even been said that the Indus Valley first developed the use of floor textiles. 

During the Mughal Dynasty, historians say that Pakistan rugs were replicas of those in Persia- with the detailing and weft techniques being very similar. With such beautiful designs, the rugs that were made in South Asia became undeniably sought out- the demand for them spread worldwide. With their high-knot densities and vibrant designs, it was no wonder that these carpets were even made for the Mughal emperors.

It wasn’t until the seventeenth century that they hit England- during the British Colonial era, they were mostly used in female jails until after the independence where they really saw their time. Now, Pakistan rugs tend to be made by Afghan refugees who are residing in Pakistan- being a leading export for Pakistan revenue. 

Pakistan rugs that are now mass-produced are either known as Mori carpets or Persian; Mori carpets being distinguished by their Bochara-inspired and Turk patterns that are of a single warp and Ziegler carpets that are still manufactured in Pakistan but resemble traditional Persian rugs with a double warp instead. With such a distinctive colour palette of a ruby red background that is laced with creams and pale blues, these Australian wool weaved carpets are on the same level of quality as silk-based rugs.

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How to Clean Your Pakistan Rug

From being so durable due to their asymmetrical high knot densities and silk-like foundations, Pakistan rugs must be looked after well to maintain their quality. Like all Oriental rugs, Pakistan rugs are handmade, so it is imperative that they are treated with care and consideration. Often, these rugs are tea washed with a chemical so that they appear older and darker.

What you can do at home is rotate your rug regularly, hoover all areas, keep it out of direct sunlight and ensure that wear is distributed in all areas. In terms of washing, a professional service is your best bet at ensuring that your rug is deep cleaned, as well as treated accordingly if stains are present.

Here at Arcadia Rug Spa, we are highly qualified and trained in dealing will all types of Oriental rugs. With many years of experience as professional rug cleaners, we have treated, restored and renewed thousands of your rug, too; making us the most reliable and trusting service for your investment’s needs. Firstly, we have to assess your carpet so that we can establish whether or not it is viable for our handy work.

Once assessed, we can determine what treatments are needed for your Pakistan Rug. Being such a high-quality rug, we will take extra precautions in ensuring that we fully concentrate on its needs so that we deliver you with exceptional results. With our 12-step cleaning process, we are able to clean deeper into all crevices, as well as establish exactly what your rug needs. In the end, you will be left with a lovely-smelling, soft and vibrant carpet that’s colour palette looks refreshed.

With industry-leading equipment and machinery, we are able to undergo practises that have been trialled and tested- delivering our customers with their carpet, but better. Our last step, ‘the finishing touches’ allows us to reassess your rug so that we can fully ensure that your rug is looking, feeling and smelling the best it can. We understand that most Oriental rugs are expensive or are also family heirlooms which is why we do our utmost in delivering your rug back to you in an improved condition.

Continue exploring our website for a closer look into our Cheshire rug cleaning services. In the meantime, see below for some fun facts on Pakistan rugs:

  • The first Muslim conquerors introduced carpet weaving in the 11th century!
  • Most of Pakistan’s rug weavers are Islamic; they fled to Pakistan after the war between India and Pakistan!
  • These rugs have been exported to all areas of the world!

Rug Cleaning in action

This video show’s the thorough 12 step rug cleaning process most rugs go through to get the best results for your area rug. Howver there is a very small amount of rugs that are not suited to being cleaned in the wash pit due to construction but it will still be cleaned thoroughly using a method that will be both safe for your rug while giving you exceptional cleaning results.

With the equipment and facilities we have here at Arcadia Rug Spa we are able to cater for all types of rug cleaning from Machine made Modern rugs to Hand Knotted Persian silk carpets.

Why choose Arcadia Rug Spa?

Are you looking for a rug cleaning service in Cheshire? Get in contact with us today, and we will conduct a bespoke treatment on your Indian rug. For further information on Arcadia Rug Spa and our step-by-step guide for our cleaning processes, have a gander on our website!

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