Sheepskin Rug Cleaning

Our safe procedure of cleaning Sheepskin Hides produces Amazing lasting results

Sheepskin Rug Cleaning

There’s a lot more to cleaning sheepskin rugs than just hiring a machine or getting your local carpet cleaner in to give it a once over. These deep plush pile rugs are not only very difficult to get soils out of, they also have a hide to contend with! Using a chemical that is too harsh and you’ll have a hard cardboard like feel of the hide on your hands, we have had sheepskins come into us that you can stand on end!

We take great care when cleaning sheepskin hides, As a Woolsafe trained operative and Woolsafe service provider we have in depth knowledge of wool and how its reacts to cleaning. We are also trained in leather cleaning and restoration so know all about sheepskin hides and how to treat them so they don’t dry out, We can also correct dried out hides which have been cleaned incorrectly.

Sheepskin Rug Cleaning

How to measure a Sheepskin Hide and get a quote for cleaning.

The first thing we do is measure the sheepskin and give you a fixed price for the clean, Once a price is given we never inflate this price or try and sell you extras, all our pricing is done prior to the clean and we make sure you understand our pricing and procedures before we go ahead, there are no surprises with us just a good thorough professional clean with clear and honest pricing.

Measuring a sheepskin is usually done by the amount of hides that make up the rug, from a single hide to even 20 hides making up a very large sheepskin rug, it’s easy to do, just turn the sheepskin over and count the sections, these sections are usually (roughly) 2 foot (60 cm) by 1 foot (30cm) in area size but do vary depending on the size of the sheep, if you see lots of small sections you probably have a patchwork style sheepskin, these are usually made from off cuts all sewn together and therefore these have to be measured they are also usually rectangular or circular in shape. Some can have backings on them to cover up the joining of each fleece, these also have to be measured for pricing.

We like to thoroughly inspect the fleece before we go ahead with any cleaning, some of the inspection is done while you are present in our unit or at the collection of the fleece if you have chosen us to collect the rug. We will advise if we think there are any problems will will be able to advise you of your options whether this may be either a lighter clean or even just a thorough dry clean only where we air dust and vacuum using our specialist equipment.

Removing the Dry Soils from A Sheepskin Hide

It is very important that we remove as much dry soil as possible before getting the fleece wet, this does 2 things, it makes the wet cleaning side of the process so much easier and also helps keep our rinsing water a lot cleaner for a more thorough rinse.


We thoroughly vacuum the hide, which gives us a chance to further inspect the rug, we check for possibilities such as loose fur, stains and other oddities that we may not of seen at the initial inspection stage, we may contact you at this stage if we find anything that may hinder the cleaning process and chat about how you want us to continue, however this is a pretty rare occurrence.


We cannot beat these types of rugs using our beater machine as they tend to ruck up and therefore are not suitable for this process so we put them on a flapping machine, this imitates the same action that you would do outside shaking the rug to rid it of large debris and other bits that will be released as the rug undulates.

Air Dusting

This process consists of us pushing high velocity air into the rugs long woolen fibres and dislodging fine particles of dust, talc and all other small microscopic soils, it also helps to soften the wool, untangle it and rejuvenate the fibres making it look full of life and giving it a soft fluffy like appearance similar to when you first bought it.

How we wash your Sheepskin Rug

Pre clean.

This is a small stage in our wet cleaning process where we massage our cleaning product into the wool fur, this cleaning product is specially formulated for sheepskin rugs, its strong enough to emulsify stains and soiling but kind enough to not dry out the hide. Its massaged into the wool fur using a rotary machine with an ultra-soft brush.

The soak tub

The rug is now ready for a bath, we have a large tub with water jets in it to give the rug a spa treatment, one of the reasons we are called a rug spa is down to this process, the rug is submerged under water, the pumps are then turned on and now the rug can gently float around in the tub (similar to your clothes in your washing machine but a much more gentle process) and will start to release the soils within. After about an hour it will have released most of its soils

The rinse

Once out of the tub we start to flush fresh water through the rug to push out any remaining soils and contaminants. This process will also wash out the detergents we have used to help with emulsifying the soils. We use a carpet cleaning wand with a high-powered water pump attached to it, this pushes water through the wand end and into the rug helping us rinse it quickly and efficiently until there is no more soap or soils.

So, how can we dry a Sheepskin hide so quickly? 

Centrifugal spin

Well, we have a very large cylindrical machine used for spinning saturated rugs. Rugs rolled up and place into the machine, the machine then spins at 1200 rpm, similar to your washing machine spin cycle and spins out all the water leaving rugs damp to the touch. One of the main reason we can wash rugs the way we do is down to the fact we own one of these amazing machines, without it we would struggle to dry any rug within the cautionary 72 hour period. Failing to dry any material within 72 hours can cause mould, mildew and bacteria to start growing and therefore we really need a machine like this to make sure your rugs are cleaned and dried safely and effectively.

The drying room.

After the spin dry we transfer the rug to our specialist drying room where it is speed dried using air movement, dehumidifiers and heaters to dry the fleece properly. This can take anything from 6 to 12 ours depending on the size of rug and the amount of rugs we have in our drying room at any one time.

Final brush and inspection

Your beautiful sheepskin rug is now cleaned and dried, we give it a final brush and inspection and then get it ready for you to collect.

Watch our thorough Sheepskin rug cleaning video.

In this video you will see all the equipment and the thorough process we follow to safely clean all types of sheepskin rugs and hides to bring them back to life and totally refreshed.

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