Arcadia Rug Spa held a Cleaning and Repair Rug Training open day at their Spa in Cheshire.

Training in Rug Cleaning and Restoration.

On Friday 3rd February, Arcadia Rug Spa a Specialist rug cleaning company in Cheshire, were hosts of a fantastic Rug Training Open day for rug cleaning and rug repairs. We had several industry experts in attendance as well as 20+ like minded individuals from cleaning companies from across the UK all wanting to learn more about specialist rug cleaning and restoration.

There was plenty to see and the best bit was everyone could have a go for themselves and be hands on with learning new techniques.


Rug Fringe Repair and Alterations.

All attendees had the chance to take part in performing a Fringe alteration and repair to an Afghan rug which had damage and the fringe was damaged particular bad at one end of the rug.   During the process. We removed the offending ends of the rug at both ends so that the rug would remain symmetrical. Once the ends had been removed then some of the knots had to be gently removed so that a new fringe could be revealed. This process wasn’t for the impatient it needed to be done in a certain order and manner.   The new fringes of the rug had now been revealed and needed securing, this was done by tying a special knot around several strands of the new fringe (warps). Again this process needed a lot of time and patients to secure the fringe in a nice neat fashion.   Here is the end result of the rug after the alterations.

Re-colouring, Dyeing and colour loss repairs.

Attendees where able to try their hand at re-colouring and re-dyeing example rugs that had accident bleach spots or colour loss. They were taught how to calculate how much of each dye they would need and how to mix the dyes to produce the correct colour match, then how to re-dye using the air brush method and using a syringe to apply the mixed dye.  

Specialist Rug Cleaning.

We were also able to showcase specialist cleaning of a silk rug, Most professionals wouldn’t clean a pure silk rug with water as it can go horribly wrong if you don’t know what you are doing. On Friday attendees were amazed watching a 100% pure silk rug being wet cleaned and were taught exactly how this can be possible with the right knowledge and equipment. (Please do not clean a silk rug yourself it can cause permanent damage)

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