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Expert offsite Rug Cleaning near Warrington 

Arcadia Rug Spa have all the specialist equipment and knowledge to clean your rug with care.
Rug Cleaning in Warrington

Warrington Rug Cleaning to a Superior High Standard.

Arcadia Rug Spa provide an off site rug cleaning and rug restoration services for customers in the Warrington area. We’ve invested in the best state of the art equipment from around the world to give you an extremely thorough cleaning process for rug cleaning. Both Derek and Sian give lots of time and dedication to intensive training to extend their knowledge of rugs, cleaning and restoration on a regular basis.Watch our video to see what it is we do, or if you prefer to read the details of our thorough process.

Pet stain and Odour rug treatments Warrington

Pet Stains and Odour Treatments

We are quite often told by our customers that they would like their rug cleaning because their pet spends most of their time sleeping on it.

Sometimes we are asked to treat Pet accidents and odours, there are plenty of suitable treatments for this leaving your rug clean and fresh, while at the same time leaving your rug perfectly safe for your pets to enjoy once again.

Rug repairs Warrington

Warrington Rug Repairs and Restoration Service

Our rug restoration service appeals to everyone from loss adjusters, fire and flood companies, to any one who has damage to their precious rug, Whether from it’s from a fire or pet damage, age, mould or general wear. Arcadia have the knowledge, dedication and equipment to restore even the worst damaged rugs, and have brought many sentimental, precious rugs back to life and avoided being sent to landfill.

Rug Cleaning Warrington Guarantee

Money Back Guarantee

Our money back guarantee is to give you the customer, peace of mind and trust in our services, Our expert knowledge allows us to give you an honest opinion as to what results we are likely to achieve with your area rug, if we don’t meet those expectations we can re-clean using a different approach or there will be no charge for the service. Being a family run business we take pride in our very high standards of workmanship, and therefore we expect to deliver consistent results for every customer

“This is how rugs are really cleaned”

Our specialist rug cleaning process is suitable for all types of rugs including Modern wool rugs, Plush shag pile rugs, Oriental rugs and Persian Carpets

Watch our video, See exactly what it is we do in the Rug Spa.

We offer a offsite rug cleaning service for our customer in Warrington and surrounding area’s such as Lymm, Appleton and Stretton at our dedicated offsite rug cleaning spa. You can drop your rug off with us and collect when ready or if you have a very large rug why not take advantage of our collection and return service. Handy if you have several rugs you would like to bring back to life with a spa treatment.

All rugs are thoroughly inspected first to make sure they can be cleaned safely and to the highest standard.


What our Customers say about our Rug Cleaning Service

Brilliant service, my old and tatty rug is clean, looks much better and is no longer a trip hazard! (1908 Kazakh tribal rug).
Caroline Lloyd
Caroline Lloyd
Great service from initial friendly call , to pick up ,to return of the 150 year old precious rug Looking for more things to clean now . Thankyou so much
Jo Ratcliffe
Jo Ratcliffe
Took my lounge rug that had been used as a puppy pad. sisn was very helpful and they dud a superb job, it looks like new.
excellent professional service! would definitely use again and recommend to anyone!
Excellent service and really friendly, took in 4 smelly dirty rugs and they looked like new again thankyou
lesley mckinlaywhyte
lesley mckinlaywhyte
Wow!! My rug looks brand new & im so glad I never threw it away. Sian & Derrick are highly recommended & 100% i will return. Thanks guys!!!
So pleased with the results will definitely recommend to anyone.
Lynne Larley
Lynne Larley
My life savers ! My rug looks fresh and brand new! Thank you definitely recommend to anyone who wants there rug cleaned. Very quick and fast and very professional �
I have an elderly dog who has accidents, my rug didn’t smell great and had a few stains on it I saw once I took it to be cleaned. ( didn’t see them at home) I’ve just picked it up and I’m gob smacked! All stains and bad smells gone, completely. It looks as good as new!!Highly recommend Arcadia Rug SpaThank you!
Absolutely over the moon with my rug! After discovering my cat had been peeing on it I put it out in the garden with intention of cleaning it myself, and that’s where it stayed for months 🙈 was going to throw it out when I come across this page and thought what have I got to lose? Wasn’t expecting them to be able to save it and I’ve collected it and it looks better than it did when it was new!!!! Cannot recommend them enough! Thankyou x
A fantastic service, and amazing results. My old cream (and very grubby) rug came up a treat. Their level of customer service and passion for the job is rare to see these days and if that wasn’t enough, they are very competitive on price too.
Elizabeth Dowd
Elizabeth Dowd
The guys here did a fabulous job of cleaning my shaggy rug! It’s now got a brand new lease of life at a fraction of the cost of buying a new one! So pleased thank you 😊
What an amazing place. Absolutely brilliant. moved to France and bought a beautiful patchwork pure wool rug/carpet for an song. As it was 2nd hand it needed a good clean. So on my next trip to the UK the rug had to go with me. The rug is now like NEW thanks to these amazing people. 5 stars rating without a doubt. thank you so much.
thank you for bringing my rug back to life after our little visitors decided to claim it for themselves. It's just like new and smells lovely!!
First class service, we have just had a second oriental wool rug cleaned by Derek and Sian that had pet stains we thought would not come out how wrong could we be they worked their magic keeping us fully informed and returned the rug (approx. 40 yrs old) looking like new .I would have no hesitation recommending them .
Shaun Newall
Shaun Newall
Amazing service from start to finish, would highly recommend Sian and derek if you were wanting your rugs pampered
We were given a large chinese rug which was about 20 years old so it was in need of a clean.. Derek was extremely helpful and honest, warning us before seeing it that it might not be worth doing. However when he saw it he advised us to proceed. We're delighted with the results. The rug feels so good and definitely much cleaner. It's obviously quite expensive having a rug cleaned wherever you go and at least this company know what they are doing and I do think they would not have proceeded if they didn't think it was worthwhile. It's important to have faith in a company these days. Thank you
joy harding
joy harding
Friendly and helpful. Well kitted our operation for. Range of sizes and types of rug. My runner that’s been in the garage for 12 years looks as good as new!
June Freel
June Freel
Just want to say a massive thank you to Sian & Derek at Arcadia Rug Spa for doing such a brilliant job in fixing a hole in a Kilim rug for me.....professional service from start to finish & some great advice....... couldn't recommend them enough if you ever have rug problems or damage......
Steve Chapman
Steve Chapman
Brought in 3 rugs, one of which was still grubby after a traditional carpet clean a few weeks ago - bloke was total rubbish.I don't know where they keep the C.C.F.'s (Carpet Cleaning Fairies) during the day, but all I can say is their cleaning is total magic - if you have a coloured oriental rug, bring your sun glasses when you collect as your rug will sparkle and one of mine was 30+ years old.Add that to their knowledge of my rugs, where they came from and how to regularly clean them properly and I cannot see how anyone can touch them (or their fairies) for such expertise.Paul & Marjorie Duce
Paul Duce
Paul Duce
Always an excellent service from a very friendly and professional local company.
Karen Salmon
Karen Salmon
Highly recommend Rug Spa, Perfect company to deal with a completely professional in what they do. 5 Star!
M Tech
M Tech
These people brought my 100 year old rug back to life! Experts in what they do! Recommend 100%
Dan Williams
Dan Williams
Sian and Derek are true rug cleaning professionals, what they do not know about rug cleaning is not worth knowing!
Best place for top quality rug cleaning in Cheshire and Northwest. Very skilled technicians and thorough service. Great oriental rug repair service if anything needs mending, overall five star service. Highly recommended. All rugs we have taken to them are cared for and thoroughly restored. 👍
Aurelijus Grusas
Aurelijus Grusas
Really friendly and professional service. I had two rugs cleaned and repaired beautifully. Definitely recommend
Sian Smith
Sian Smith
5⭐️Thought our ikea rug was ruined, filthy and completely flattened and impossible to hoover out all the bits, it was grim. We were wrong, it is now smelling like a new carpet and soft and fluffed up again. Couldn’t be happier, cheers.
The customer service was excellent and the attention to detail I had a rug cleaned which is in my treatment room and was stained with essential oils,this came up as good as new.Thanks very much.
Excellent service at Arcadia. I have had 3 rugs cleaned and one repaired and have been delighted with the results each time.
Can't believe how amazing my rug looks and smells! Well worth every penny, it looks brand new again. Thank you x
Just want to say a massive thank you to Sian & Derek at Arcadia Rug Spa for doing such a brilliant job in fixing a hole in a Kilim rug for me.....professional service from start to finish & some great advice....... couldn't recommend them enough if you ever have rug problems or damage......
Took our tired, dull, flat rug to Arcadia and they produced a miracle! Pile completely revived, rug beautifully soft and colours so bright! Absolutely wonderful job done!
First class - personal but very professional attention. Impressed with the rug cleaning process and delighted with the result. Visitors thought we had bought a new rug.No hesitation in recommending this firm.
Kenneth Williams
Kenneth Williams
We had two rugs that had become very dirty through owning two dogs and also damaged by trying to clean them ourselves in our bath at home. Never again! We not only damaged the rug but we also damaged our bath by scratching it with sand from the rug. Sian and Derek helped repair and clean them superbly. They looked brand new when we got them back! Highly recommended service. We will be going back with my mums dirty rugs soon!
Anthony Zvirblis
Anthony Zvirblis
Took my rug into Arcadia, they have done a fantastic job and it looks better than new! Highly recommended and will definitely use again.
Just got my rug back from Arcadia and it’s like a new rug! Thank you!!
I wouldn't use anyone else.Amazing hardworking skilled and talented people running this business.Thank you both so much.
Fantastic service reasonably prices. Can't fault.
I've used Arcadia in the past, but recently tried out their off site rug cleaning service in Hartford. I have a large Chinese rug and a sheep skin rug both came back looking better than they were when bought new. Always a pleasure to deal with Derek and his wife. Thank you Bob
Robert Robertson
Robert Robertson
Just received my rug back and I thought it would be impossible to clean !!, Arcadia rug has brought my rug back to life and removed every stain 😊 It's like brand new again thanks so much
Fantastic thank you my rug is like new fluffy and clean again!!! Very friendly and helpful would definitely recommend �
Fantastic professional service. Indian rug cleaned so it really looks like new.Highly recommend.
Great guys who know exactly what they are doing. Strongly recommended.
Alex Freke-Morin
Alex Freke-Morin
Fantastic company, as a professional carpet cleaner that doesn't offer off site cleaning I gladly give Arcadia details to my customers, another level of rug cleaning, knowledge and fantastic service, amazingly well equipped spa and very very experienced guys... keep up the amazing work �
I recently had my rug cleaned by your company and I can honestly say when I got it back off yourselves it was like getting a brand new rug back. A fantastic company running an exceptional rug cleaning service. I would highly recommend and will be using you again in the future. Many thanks.
So I dropped my or should I say the dogs rug off on Friday after a little dog vom accident.It is a long pile rug that Stewie � loves eating his treats on and generally lounging about on and has done for quite a while.I have occasionally took it outside for a beating , the rug not stewie and yes lots of muck comes out of the rug...However after two days at the rug spa it is like new again and lots of dog treat bits were blown out during the cleaning process.Absolutely fantastic service !!!!����Andy & Stewie
Picked our rug up this afternoon, it's been cleaned beautifully and looks like new! Highly recommend Arcadia! Good friendly service and reasonable prices. Thank you so much
Absolutely amazing! These guys work really hard and returned my rug like new! Highly recommended!
Great service well recommended
Chris Sassen
Chris Sassen
Great service from Arcadia Rug Spa. I won't use anyone else to clean my rugs. �
Fantastic cleaning job on my rug! Looks brand new again! Top quality service! Highly recommend! Thank you so much
OllyTheGamingCreeper OllytheGamingCreeper
OllyTheGamingCreeper OllytheGamingCreeper
The best care for your rugs, excellent service!
Russell Chadd
Russell Chadd

“Dear Sian. I just wanted to thank you all for the fabulous job you have done on our rug. We have only just been able to open it up and have a look ( our downstairs is still without flooring following the leak last November) as we have had to put it in a spare bedroom for now. The colours have come up beautifully and it looks brand new. My husband is quietly thrilled as we had been so dubious about having it cleaned In this country. ( He is Turkish and we bought the rug in Izmir back in 2004). Having watched your online video I was pretty certain you could do the job and you certainly have!! Thank you for the friendly and helpful service and the fabulously professional cleaning job! Magic!” 

Mrs Atay

Rug Cleaning

Our Services

From Rug Cleaning to Rug Restoration we offer the full package for everything rug related.

Whether it’s just for rug cleaning or a specific issue such as flood damage restoration, Arcadia Rug Spa are able to offer everything you need all in one place.

Rug cleaning in Warrington

Rug Cleaning in Warrington

All types of Rugs professionally cleaned. – All types of fibres including Silk, Viscose, and Wool. – Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Sheep Skin Rugs and Hides. – Modern/Contemporary Wool Rugs. – Plush and Shag Pile Rugs.

Rug Restoration and Repairs

Dye bleed/ Dye migration correction. – Fringe repairs, Fringe securing, Reweaving in a new fringe, Fringe securing service. – Rips, tears and hole repairs. – Side Selvedge/cord repairs. – Re-backing/Securing backing of tufted rugs.

Specialist Treatments

Antimicrobial treatments for the treatment of Vomit, faeces, Pet accidents. – Mould Treatments, Urine odour and Stain treatments. – Fire and Flood Treatments. – Moth Treatments. – A full inspection and assessment of the rug will be required.

Stain and Odour Treatments

Pre treatments available for rugs that are suffering with Pet Odour, Musty or Stale odours. – Drink and alcohol spills stain treatments. – Food stain treatments. – Coal fire fall out and soot treatments

Rug Cleaners Warrington
Rug cleaners Warrrington Woolsafe
Rug Cleaning in Warrington 10 years

Best of Arcadia Rug Spa

  • Specialist Rug Cleaning in Warrington
  • Dedicated Rug Cleaning Spa
  • State of the art Rug Cleaning Equipment
  • We are Members of Woolsafe
  • Customer Satisfaction guarantee
  • Proud Members of TACCA
  • Collection and Return Service
  • Open 6 days a week Just drop in
  • Don’t need to make an appointment
  • Local Independent Family Business
  • Pet and Child Friendly Products
  • Specialists in Stain and Odour Treatments
  • Expert Repair and Restoration Service
  • Customer Parking, Easy access
  • Fire and Flood damage Restoration

All Types of Rugs Cleaned

  • Oriental Rugs
  • Persian Rugs
  • Afghan Rugs
  • Chinese Rugs
  • Indian Rugs
  • Pakistan Rugs
  • Turkish Rugs
  • Plush Shag Pile Rugs
  • Sheep Skin and Hide Rugs
  • Handkotted Rugs
  • Tufted Rugs
  • Flatweave and Kilim Rugs
  • Silk Rugs
  • Viscose and Art Silk Rugs
  • Wool Rugs

Our 12 Step rug cleaning process

We have invested over the years in advanced, state of the art rug cleaning equipment.

Using this equipment, we follow a very thorough 12 step rug cleaning process which is extremely meticulous and careful and makes sure your rug is cleaned back to front and inside out to the highest standard possible.

We follow a comprehensive dry soil removal and wet soil removal approach and this makes sure that your rug will be expertly and effectively cleaned.

Our rug cleaning methods are suitable for all types of rugs whether it be a modern shaggy plush rug or an antique Persian carpet.

Our training and expert Rug Cleaning knowledge.

Arcadia are one of the very few companies in the Northwest that cleans and restores rugs all day, every day. Rug cleaning isn’t something we do on the side of a carpet cleaning business at weekend or evenings. The few companies in the UK who do specialise in rug cleaning like us, make sure that they follow a careful process and we are no different. We keep updated with all the latest training opportunities and attend seminars and training on many the many area’s of our business, such as rug ID, construction, fibre identification, and even chemistry and PH levels.

We also make sure that we are well stocked with all the most effective and correct cleaning products such as ‘Woolsafe‘ products to ensure that your rug is successfully treated. We are experts in rug cleaning and restoration and can make a professional assessment on how best to treat various types of stains, mould and odours.

Rug Cleaning in Warrington submersion clean
Family Business Rug Cleaners Warrington

Keeping it in the family – Arcadia Rug Spa’s husband and wife team.

We are passionate about our business, and our repeat custom and large client base shows that we just love working with people. As a husband and wife team, we independently own and operate Arcadia Rug Spa, and as such, put our life, soul and passion into the company. We research,understand and undertake expert cleaning of all types of rugs and Persian carpets and are perfectly placed in Northwich to cover the whole of Warrington with our bespoke specialist rug cleaning in Warrington services. Not only can we come to you, but you’re more than welcome to pay us a visit to drop off your rug with easy access via the A49, we have ample parking and there’s always a friendly welcome waiting for you from Derek and Sian.

Providing a rug cleaning service for Warrington

Did you know that Arcadia Rug Spa is the creation of Derek and Sian from  Arcadia Cleaners, a couple who have a passion and excitement for rug cleaning.They have made it their ambition throughout the past 10 years to ensure that their business is not only reliable, friendly but also easy to access, From Warrington it is just a short journey along the A49 towards Northwich. When they were asked by their customers to consider rug collection, they responded positively, realising that it was easier and handier for customers to take advantage of a drop off and collection service if they have exceptionally large rugs, ensuring that their rugs are taken away swiftly and returned cleaner and more vibrant than before. Based in Northwich, and very central to the whole of the Cheshire area, it means that we are able to cater to the Warrington area with ease and efficiency. If you want any more information on our friendly rug cleaning in Warrington service, please don’t hesitate to contact us using our online Get a Quote form or by calling us on 01606 882712

Specialist Rug Cleaners Warrington

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