Expert offsite Rug Cleaning Service Crewe

Professional Rug Cleaning in the Crewe area

Welcome to Arcadia Rug Spa – we’re an independent, family owned business providing a professional rug cleaning service in Crewe and the surrounding areas. In addition to our rug spa, we (Derek and Sian) had been operating a successful carpet and upholstery cleaning business (Arcadia Cleaners) for over 10 years. We were being asked more and more if we could clean rugs properly offsite.

Cleaning a rug outside of your home has two key benefits:

1) Your rug can be fully submerged and benefit from the most thorough cleaning process possible (high quality rugs cannot be cleaned as effectively in the home environment). 

2) It is a safer way to clean and causes you no inconvenience, meaning you don’t have to be waiting at home during the cleaning process.

Our rug cleaning spa is within easy reach of Crewe and you’re welcome to either come and drop your rugs to us, or alternatively, we offer a convenient collection and return service.

Crewe’s Rug Cleaning Experts

We take rug cleaning very seriously. Over the years, we have taken the time to learn from some of the the most highly respected rug cleaning experts in the world. We attend every training course we can in order to further our knowledge and improve our methods and techniques. We have extensive knowledge in rug identification, construction and fibre identification. We also have advanced knowledge of rug cleaning chemistry, PH levels, stain contents and utilising the correct products and procedures to successfully remove stubborn stains. We can also advise if a stain cannot be fully removed (the chances of a stain being ‘permanent’ is greatly increased when an off-the-shelf shop-bought product has been used, which can fix and set the stain in place).

We cover all of the Cheshire area and can handle even the most demanding of stains on your rug! If your based in Crewe and need your rug cleaning or maybe in the surrounding area like Willaston, Sandbach, Nantwich or Shavington.

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Looking for an Expert Local Rug Cleaner?

Not many rug cleaning companies can boast that they are not only family run,  but have been immersed in their business for more than ten years. Derek and Sian, have a huge amount of experience together with their unending enthusiasm for all things rugs, When running their carpet cleaning business many years ago they were constantly asked by customers over the years if they would be able to accommodate off site rug cleaning. For some years now they have been able to easily accommodate customers looking for expert rug cleaners who wish to have their rug professionally cleaned. The rug cleaning side of the business soon took over and now we only offer specialist rug cleaning and rug restoration services.

Rug Cleaning

Being the only dedicated rug cleaning company in the whole of the North West, we provide the most thorough rug cleaning service you can get.

Rug Cleaning Crewe

Arcadia Rug Spa have all the specialist equipment and knowledge to clean your rug with care.
Rug Cleaning

Rug Repairs

We love cleaning and restoring rugs so don’t risk an inferior clean, let us do it right first time.

Rug Repairs Crewe

Different types of rugs each come with their own unique issues and faults as they age.
Rug Repairs

Pet Odours

We use several procedures at our Cheshire rug cleaning centre to aid us when cleaning pet odour rugs, whether the odour in your rug is from pet dander or pet urine,faeces or vomit

Pet Odours Crewe

You won’t be the first person to tell us that they’ve ‘tried everything’ to remove pet odour from your rug.
Pet Odours

Why choose Arcadia Rug Spa?

The soak tank is essential in getting odours out of rugs, without it, it’s just impossible to truly get the smell out, If you have an odourous rug then please don’t waste your money on DIY machines or in house carpet cleaning professionals, they won’t get rid of the smell and you will inevitably have to call some one like us to do the job properly.

Best of Arcadia Rug Spa

  • Local Specialists
  • Dedicated Rug Cleaning Spa
  • State of the art Equipment
  • We are Members of Woolsafe
  • Customer Satisfaction guarantee
  • Proud Members of TACCA
  • Collection and Return Service
  • Open 6 days a week Just drop in
  • Don’t need to make an appointment
  • Local Independent Family Business
  • Pet and Child Friendly Products
  • Specialists in Stain and Odour Treatments
  • Expert Repair and Restoration Service
  • Customer Parking, Easy access
  • Fire and Flood damage Restoration
  • Check out our Reviews

All Types of Rugs Cleaned

Our 12 Step rug cleaning process

We clean rugs to a very high standard using state of the art industrial rug cleaning equipment.

Our 12 step rug cleaning process is the most thorough and safest cleaning process around. And with our expert knowledge and experience we will make sure your rugs are cleaned to the highest standards, safely and above all effectively using the most advanced dry and wet soil removal system there is.

Our rug cleaning methods are suitable for all types of rugs whether it be a contemporary designer wool rug or an oriental carpet.


Come visit our rug cleaning facility in Hartford, Cheshire.

Pick up the phone or send us an email with any questions you have about our rug cleaning and restoration services. Alternatively, feel free to drop in and say hello! 

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