Expert offsite Rug Cleaning Service Cheshire

“This is how rugs are really cleaned”

Our specialist Cheshire rug cleaning process is suitable for all types of rugs including Modern wool rugs, Hide rugs, Persian rugs and Oriental Carpets

Watch our video, See exactly what it is we do in the Rug Spa.

We offer rug cleaning and rug restoration services across Cheshire, You can drop your rug off with us and collect when ready or if you have a very large rug why not take advantage of our collection and return service. Handy if you have several rugs you would like to bring back to life with a spa treatment.

All rugs are thoroughly inspected first to make sure they can be cleaned safely and to the highest standard.

Our training and expert rug cleaning knowledge.

With keeping up to date in mind, Derek and Sian are always attending new rug cleaning training courses and sitting in on seminars that are run through the industry, to ensure constant renewal of skills and expertise, we always say there is always something new for us to learn as the rug cleaning industry is always changing, with new rug cleaning techniques, new rug cleaning products and the latest equipment that is purpose built for the best rug cleaning services. 

We have advanced knowledge in rug ID, construction, and also know more about fibre identification than ever before. Our stain removal knowledge is second to none, and we pride ourselves on knowing about stain contents as well as having expertise on the use of the correct and most effective products such as ‘Woolsafe‘ tested products that will offer your rug the best results.

Before After

Rug Cleaning

Being the only dedicated rug cleaning company in the whole of the North West, we provide the most thorough rug cleaning service you can get.

Rug Cleaning Cheshire

Arcadia Rug Spa have all the specialist equipment and knowledge to clean your rug with care.
Rug Cleaning

Rug Repairs

We love cleaning and restoring rugs so don’t risk an inferior clean, let us do it right first time.

Rug Repairs Cheshire

Different types of rugs each come with their own unique issues and faults as they age.
Rug Repairs

Pet Odours

We use several procedures at our Cheshire rug cleaning centre to aid us when cleaning pet odour rugs, whether the odour in your rug is from pet dander or pet urine,faeces or vomit

Pet Odours Cheshire

You won’t be the first person to tell us that they’ve ‘tried everything’ to remove pet odour from your rug.
Pet Odours

Why choose Arcadia Rug Spa?

Derek and Sian have been running their successful rug and upholstery cleaning business
‘Arcadia Rug Spa’ for over 10 years. From being asked on a regular basis if they could clean
rugs offsite, they decided it made sense to offer a bespoke off site rug cleaning service for their
customers based in Stockport and the surrounding areas such as Cheadle, Marpie, Bramhall
and Hazel Grove.

Best of Arcadia Rug Spa

  • Local Specialists
  • Dedicated Rug Cleaning Spa
  • State of the art Equipment
  • We are Members of Woolsafe
  • Customer Satisfaction guarantee
  • Proud Members of TACCA
  • Collection and Return Service
  • Open 6 days a week Just drop in
  • Don’t need to make an appointment
  • Local Independent Family Business
  • Pet and Child Friendly Products
  • Specialists in Stain and Odour Treatments
  • Expert Repair and Restoration Service
  • Customer Parking, Easy access
  • Fire and Flood damage Restoration
  • Check out our Reviews

All Types of Rugs Cleaned

Come visit our rug cleaning facility in Hartford, Cheshire.

Pick up the phone or send us an email with any questions you have about our rug cleaning and restoration services. Alternatively, feel free to drop in and say hello! 

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