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Urine removal from problem rug using waterclaw

Problem Rug urine odour removal. Got an interesting job in today. A designer made rug with an impervious backing which makes it extremely hard to dry. Putting it in the spinning machine would only trap water between the rug and the underlay so we had to use our waterclaw

Rug drying at Arcadia rug spa

How we dry rugs here at Arcadia rug spa. A quick look at our drying room and techniques for drying rugs. We never showed the industrial heater we have which we use for viscose and heavy wool rugs, this helps us evaporate quicker, but for normal rugs, air movement and air drying is all we need to get your area rugs perfectly dry.

Fringing machine, adding fringes to rugs

Our new machine which adds fringes to machine made rugs, the speed of this machine is amazing to watch, we love it. Hope you do too.

Rug Cleaning chewing gum removal

Derek and Sian discuss the best ways to remove chewing gum from rugs

How to clean a sheepskin rug

This is a video on how we here at Arcadia rug spa, Clean a sheepskin rug. An in-depth look with narration on how we go about sheepskin rug cleaning and take it to a whole new level of clean.

Moroccan dye bleed clean

Arcadia Rug Spa-Rug Cleaning Cheshire, Husband & Wife team, Caring for your area Rugs through exstensive cleaning and restoration.

How to Clean a wool rug, Rug Cleaning the professional way

Rugs are excellent filters and are great at storing all those allergens, dirt and dust particles that vacuuming alone can not reach and remove.

Alternative stain removal

Unlike most other rug cleaning companies, we only clean & restore rugs, all day, every day (6 days a week) and therefore have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in cleaning every type of rug.

Rinsing delicate rugs Rug cleaners Cheshire, Arcadia rug spa

The rinsing part of the clean is extremely important, Not only does it flush out the remaining soils but also gets rid of soap residue. Soap residue is a major cause of what we call rapid resoiling, The sticky soap residue left behind attracts soils and dust which adheres to the fibres easier than a thoroughly rinsed fabric. So we make sure we rinse all our rugs thoroughly to avoid rapid resoiling giving our customers a superior and longer lasting clean.

Vacuuming a rug hack

This is a great hack for vacuuming a rug a slightly different way. You’ll be shocked at the results.

What our Customers say about our rug cleaning and rug repair service in Cheshire

At Arcadia Rug Spa we will always lovingly restore your rugs to their former glory and ensure they are cleaned correctly to the best possible standards. 

Best of Arcadia Rug Spa

  • Local Specialists
  • Dedicated Rug Cleaning Spa
  • State of the art Equipment
  • We are Members of Woolsafe
  • Customer Satisfaction guarantee
  • Proud Members of TACCA
  • Collection and Return Service
  • Open 5 days a week Just drop in
  • Don’t need to make an appointment
  • Local Independent Family Business
  • Pet and Child-Friendly Products
  • Specialists in Stain and Odour Treatments
  • Expert Repair and Restoration Service
  • Customer Parking, Easy access
  • Fire and Flood damage Restoration
  • Check out our Reviews

All Types of Rugs Cleaned

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