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Rug being cleaned by the Arcadia Rug Spa team

Rug Cleaning Training.

Although Derek and Sian had been cleaning carpets and rugs for the last 10 years we always keep up to date with our rug cleaning training and our motto is “you learn something new every day”

We are always looking for the latest training to further our knowledge and going that extra step each time. Our most recent training for rug cleaning was the IICRC 3 day rug cleaning technician course ran by Woolsafe.

It was an intensive 3 days of learning all about rug construction, fibre ID and also the most interesting section for us was the Identifying where the rugs originate from. Some rugs are relatively easy to spot for example the Oriental Chinese patterns and the Afghan War rugs are also easy to spot but the you have to do some real detective work to identify some Persian rugs and Tribal rugs can be difficult to pin-point.

Knowing the origin of a rug is helpful when cleaning rugs properly as we can look out for potential problems such as Dye Bleed in Afghan rugs. They tend to bleed dyes when cleaned this is due the way in which the wool is dyed and not rinsed afterwards. Bleeding could be a hazard if you weren’t aware of the situation and could ruin the rug with permanent damage.

During our 3 days we looked at Persian rugs, Oriental rugs, Chinese rugs, Afghan rugs, Indian rugs, Pakistan rugs, Tribal rugs and Man made Machine rugs. We closely inspected the construction of each sample rug looking for clues can we see the warps or the wefts on the back of the rug? what were the foundation fibres and did the patterns give any clues? You can see some of the sample rugs we looked in the pictures below.

As a husband and wife team we have a great combination of knowledge between us. Derek’s hands on cleaning knowledge and being able to identify fibre’s easily and Sian’s thirst for learning and researching origins of the rugs and being able to remember patterns and motifs. We make an excellent team.

To learn more about our thorough rug cleaning process please see our 12 step rug cleaning process, your rug really does get the spa treatment.

If you are interested in our rug cleaning service please contact us on 01606 882712 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Rug Cleaning Cheshire Rug Training

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