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Here are a few common hand knotted rug repairs we encounter

Fringe Damage (Tassels)

The most common repairs we see with hand knotted rugs is the Fringe deteriorating due to wear, everyday foot traffic or the vacuum cleaner sucking them up.

Is there anything that can be done?

Fringes are an extension of the warp foundations of the rug so it’s important not to just cut them off when they start to show signs of wear.

We can neaten them up and hand tie a special running knot along the fringe to secure and prevent further rapid deterioration of your rug. It won’t last forever but it will certainly give you many more years to the life of your rug.

Before After
Before After

Dye Bleed Correction

Hand Knotted rugs usually have hand dyed wool fibres during the dyeing process the excess dye isn’t always fully removed and when a rug become wet from a leak/flood or maybe or was cleaned in the home and left wet you can find the excess dye can start to bleed into other fibres of the rug. This can be a permanent issue and irreversible if left for a long period of time.

Another common cause for dye bleed can be caused by pet stains or alcoholic drinks this can cause a stable dye to become unstable and cause the dye to bleed.

We have successfully removed dye bleed in a number of rugs but it isn’t a guaranteed process.

Side Cord Damage

General wear of Hand knotted rugs can also see damage caused to the side cords of the rug. This is where we would need to repair the edge of the rug.

Mid way side cord detached from rug. This can happen when the weft foundations have snapped inside and no longer keep the side cord warps in place. We can reattach the side cord by putting in new supporting wefts.

End side cord damage when this happens we quite often notice that not only has the side cord come away from the rug but it might have also lose a couple of the pile knots too.

We can either hand bind the side cord to secure the rug so no further damage can happen then will leave a slight indentation depend how much of the pile has been lost but it will prevent any further damage.

We can also rebuild the missing area of the damaged side this means putting in new Warp and Weft foundations and adding in new knots. This process is very intricate work and may not always be cost effect for the rug.

Before After
Before After

Holes and Tears.

Heavy furniture placed on top if a rug can cause a lot of pressure on the foundations of a hand knotted rug and can then lead to a hole developing in the middle of the rug.

Another cause of holes in the middle could be down to moth damage where the wool fibres have been eaten away.

There are several options when it come to securing/restoring a hole/tear.

Depending on the condition of the rug and what has caused the hole there could be an option to secure or restore the hole.

From putting a securing stitch around the area so it doesn’t get any worse to putting in new supporting warp and weft founds and re-weaving in new knots to create the pile.

Please note: We provide you with several options for securing and restoration work, which will range from cost effective securing to extensive full restoration that you can choose from, that will suit both your budget and your rug.

Why choose Arcadia Rug Spa?

At Arcadia Rug Spa we will always lovingly restore your rugs to their former glory and ensure they are cleaned correctly to the best possible standards. 

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