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Pet Stains and Odour Treatments for your Rug

All pet problems in rugs are treated differently to a standard rug clean so make sure you let us know you have an odour problem in your area rugs so we can put it through the steps needed to sort those horrible smells out

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Pets really love getting rugs dirty. Fact!

Probably too much, cats and dogs will pretty much takeover your precious area rug and use it as a second bed to sleep on, eat bones and generally chill out, problem is their fur can slowly release oils into the rug, mix that with sweat, some dirty bones, slobber and good old dirty paws and over time you have a concoction of odours that become dander.

This smelly dander is virtually impossible to remove either by yourself or your local carpet cleaner, the rug will definitely need to be taken away and cleaned professionally in a rug cleaning spa like ours.

We use several procedures at our Cheshire rug cleaning centre to aid us when cleaning pet odour rugs, whether the odour in your rug is from pet dander or pet urine, even pet faeces or pet vomit, we can easily eradicate the odours germs and most staining using our state of the art procedures.

Specialist rug cleaning taking place in Cheshire
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‘Tried everything’ to remove that stubborn pet rug odour?

You won’t be the first person to tell us that they’ve ‘tried everything’ to remove pet odour from your rug. From the odour eating powders to hiring a carpet cleaning machine and even the local carpet cleaner couldn’t help to remove the smell properly, ‘it just keeps coming back!’

This is where our our thorough 12 step cleaning process come into its own and our pet pre-treatments will eliminate these problems for you.

Pet danders

Pet danders are usually oil based so along with the standard cleaning procedures, we will also use a solvent based cleaning solution (providing your type of rug can handle solvent based cleaning products) to help us break down the oils, it’s the oils that hold the smells so masking the smells with deodorizers is just pointless, as soon as the masking agent has dissipated, the smelly oils will soon start smelling out your home.

We use our water based solvents in a massive soak tank, filled with water and cleaning solution the rug is gently placed into the soak tank, with then have four powerful pumps that circulate the water and help emulsify the oils and odours, the rug is then repeated in the soak tank with fresh water and then it continues its journey as normal in our wash pit where it is washed using our rotary machine and then rinsed again with numerous gallons of water forced into the rug fibres, finally the rug is spun in our giant wringer machine and then hung in our specialist speed drying room. Sniff test and then wrapped ready for collection or return journey using our return service.

Arcadia Rug Spa deep cleaning a pet stained rug in Cheshire
rug is spun in our giant wringer machine and then hung in our specialist speed drying room

Pet urines 

Pet urines are again cleaned using our standard cleaning system but also goes into the soak tank, we use acid cleaners (don’t worry, these are wool safe approved acid cleaning solutions, very mild so will not in any way damage the wool of your rugs), the rug is again placed in our soak tank with our pumping system and the mild acid cleaning solution, this acid solution easily breaks down the crystals formed from the dry urine, without breaking down these crystals you will never eradicate the urine odours so this is our first step in urine contamination, once the urine crystals have been broken down we continue in the soak tank but add some UCT, also known as Urine Contamination Treatment solution, this gets rid of any odours in the fibres, the rug then continues its journey with the wash pit, scrubbing machine and high velocity water pump for rinsing. Again spun in our wringer and dried in our specialist drying room. Same sniff test, then bagged and ready to go home.

Why choose Arcadia Rug Spa?

At Arcadia Rug Spa we will always lovingly restore your rugs to their former glory and ensure they are cleaned correctly to the best possible standards. 

Best of Arcadia Rug Spa

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