Our Rug Cleaning Process

We have developed the perfect rug cleaning process, for providing the best cleaning results for you and your rug.

Rugs are excellent filters and are great at storing all those allergens, dirt and dust particles that vacuuming alone can not reach and remove. Our 12 step thorough rug cleaning process ensures the successful removal of all those soils that build up deep down in the pile, with the knowledge your rug will be left refreshed and as close to it’s original condition as possible.

Here are the thorough steps we take when cleaning and caring for your area rugs, whether it be a Traditional Rug, Contemporary Rug, Oriental Rug, Persian Rug, Silk Rug, Wool Rug or a Viscose Rug. We have the perfect way to clean your rugs thoroughly and safely.

Step 1. Inspection and Identification

We thoroughly inspect your rug. Firstly to identify your rug, knowing the construction and origin of a rug means we are able to decide on the best cleaning method and process. Secondly, we fill out a pre-inspection form where we can make any notes of any pre-existing issues found, we also like to take before and after photographs.

Step 2. Power vacuum

Using an industrial vacuum, we power vacuum your rug, This will remove the initial dry soils sitting close to the surface of the rug, it is then turned over to vacuum the back of the rug, The rug is now ready for the ‘dusting’ process.

Step 3. Rug Dusting

We place your rug face down on dusting grids ready for the beating machine. This is when all those soils, grit and debris deep down in the pile of the rug is removed. The beating machine gently beats the back of the rug breaking up and loosening all those compacted soils.

Step 4. Air Dusting

Some thick pile rugs will require air dusting, This is where we jet powerful streams of air into the back of the rug, removing any remaining dry soils. This process is extremely effective at removing tough compacted soils deep in the pile of the rug.

Rug Beating Step 3 of Rug Cleaning Process Arcadia Rug Spa

Dry soil removal – Above Rug Dusting with the Rug Beater. Below Air Dusting

Air Dusting Step 4 of Rug Cleaning Process

The dry soil removing processes are an extremely important part of cleaning a rug properly, if we were to skip the dry rug cleaning steps then adding water to all that soil in the back of your rug will result in turning those soils into a muddy solution which will wick up through the rug fibres while it’s drying, leaving the rug in no better condition than it was before cleaning. We regularly remove around 7-8lb of dry soils from rugs that’s the average weight of a new born baby!

Fringe Cleaning Step 6 of Rug Cleaning Process

Above – Fringe Cleaning

Rinsing contaminants Step 7a of Rug Cleaning Process

Above – Pre-treatment pet urine treatment.
Below – Removing moisture in the centrifuge ready to be dried.

Moisture removal Step 8 of Rug Cleaning Process

Step 5. Rug Cleaning

We would have decided on the best cleaning method for your rug at the Inspection stage. Most rugs will be suitable for our submersion cleaning method, this is where the rug will be placed in the rug washing pit filled with about an inch of water and the rug cleaning solution is worked into the rug, agitated mechanically or by hand depending on the rug and repeated on the reverse side for a truly thorough clean.

Step 6. Spot and stain removal – Fringe Cleaning

If there are any remaining spots and stains after the initial clean, we treat them at this stage. We have a variety of specialist products to treat most stains. On occasion, there might be a stain that is permanent, even with all our expert knowledge and specialist products we won’t be able to remove a permanent stain, usually stains like this are apparent at the inspection stage and we will have already discussed this with you.

If your rug has fringes these will be cleaned at the same time as the cleaning process or after depending on your rugs construction and fibres.

Step 7. Rinsing

We are now ready to rinse your rug, All the soapy water, soils and debris are washed away, followed by a thorough rinse with cold water while using a heavy roller to roll and squeegee the water out of your rug. This process is repeated several times until the water runs clear.

Step 7a. Pre-treatments and Rinsing of Contaminates

If your rug has an odour problem or maybe your pet has had an accident. We have the perfect solution with our Pet pre-treatments for pet accidents and odours. We also have a great way to rinse these contaminates out of your rug thoroughly. We can use our Centrifuge spinning machine, it can flush water through your rug at the same time as rinsing so we can thoroughly remove any nasty odours or accidents after a pre-treatment.

Step 8. Removing Moisture

Removing the excess water from your rug quickly is essential, so we use a state of the art piece of equipment called a Centrifuge, a machine which can spin your rug and remove all that excess moisture in seconds, this eliminates any issues that can be caused by leaving a rug wet for too long. Your rug will come out feeling slightly damp ready to be hung and dried thoroughly

The drying process is a critical part of rug cleaning, that’s why many company’s will not clean you rug, because they don’t have the facilities to dry the rugs sufficiently and effectively. A surface clean may make your rug “look” clean for a short period of time but the soils soon wick back up to the surface.

To clean your rug properly it needs to be cleaned deep down a thoroughly, Meaning the rug will be very wet and unless you have the superior equipment to dry them quickly then you can run into many problems such as dye migration and buckling.

We have all the superior equipment, along with the knowledge, training and expertise for that true professional rug cleaning service in Cheshire.

Step 9. Drying

Once your rug has been spun in the centrifuge it the needs to dry, Depending on your rugs fibres and construction it will either be hung to dry or laid to dry in the drying room. We can can speed dry your rugs in the drying room with the use of fans and dehumidifiers.

Step 10. Grooming

The grooming process takes place while the rug is drying, it helps the rug to dry so the fibres are all laying in the right direction of the pile, which adds to the finished look of the rug.

Step 11. Post Air Dusting and Final Inspection

Once your rug is completely dry, Your rug will go through a final air dusting, This ensures the removal of any tiny particles that may have survived the earlier processes, the added bonus of a final air dusting is the rug feels soft to the touch.

Then we complete a final inspection of your rug to make sure it’s in the best possible condition, We want it to be in perfect for it’s return to you.

Step 12. The Finishing Touch

The final step of this thorough rug cleaning process is to vacuum the rug one last time before it is packed in a special bag ready for collection or delivery back to your home.

The ultimate clean for your beautiful area rugs.

Not all Rugs can be cleaned using all of these steps, However we can guarantee your rug will go through the most thorough cleaning process. The construction and fibres type of your rug will determine if it will need to be cleaned using a different process. We use our expert knowledge to determine which cleaning process will be best suited to your rug, this includes dry cleaning or low moisture cleaning.

Rug Drying Step 9 of Rug Cleaning Process
Post Air Dust and Vacuum Step 11 of Rug Cleaning Process

Rug Cleaning in action

This video show’s the thorough 12 step rug cleaning process we go through to get the best results for your rugs. Not all rugs can be cleaned in the wash pit due to construction but it will still be cleaned thoroughly using a method that will be both safe for your rug while giving you exceptional cleaning results.

With the equipment and facilities we have here at Arcadia Rug Spa we are able to cater for all types of rug cleaning from Machine made Modern rugs to Hand Knotted Afghan tribal rugs.


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