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Sian repairing a rug

Restoring a Handmade Fringe on an Hand Knotted rug

One of our regular customers from Knutsford who has a large collection of Hand knotted rugs brought in one of her Persian design Indian rugs ( a.k.a an Indo Persian rug) to be cleaned.

She was as planning on removing the sewn-on lattice fringing because a large area and several small sections of the fringe was missing due to wear and age.

Sian (co-owner and repair specialist at arcadia) mentioned she could construct some new pieces to blend in with the rest of the existing fringe, our customer was thrilled as she actually liked the fringe and didn’t really want to lose the original appearance of the rug.

Here at Arcadia Rug Spa we stock a vast range of cotton and wool yarns for rug restoration and repair work, so we already had a cotton yarn that was a very close match to replicate the original part of the cotton fringe.

All of our repair work is all done “in house” by Sian at our dedicated rug cleaning and restoration unit in Cheshire.

Sian studied the original fringe to figure out how it was woven and attached to the side cord of the rug so she could keep the design as close as possible to the original fringe to help it blend in.

Sian started making the new fringe at length to give her plenty of room to start the lattice work, once the lattice was complete the fringe was trimmed to size and then gently hammered to replicate the years or wear on the surrounding fringe, This meant the newly added pieces of fringe were less obvious to the eye at first glance and could only be spotted if you stopped to take a closer look at the rug.  

Our customer was delighted when she came to collect her rug, at first glance she was unable to see where the repairs had been done until we pointed them out to her.

Damaged Fringe Before
Damaged Rug Fringe After

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