Pet Stains and Odour Treatments for your Rug

Your rug? Or your pets rug?

Lets be honest, if you own a rug and have pets then it’s safe to say your rug belongs to your furry friend.

Our pets just love rugs, especially if you have hard floors thorough out your home, it’s a place your pet can snuggle up and get comfy for their afternoon nap.

Over time pet stains and odours build up on your rug from their body oils, grease and dander, which all transfers to your rug and eventually it beings to smell, producing that odour you just can’t seem to eradicate.

Treating pet stains and removing pet odours from rugs
Removal of pet urine stain from wool rug
Removal of pet urine stain from wool rug

You won’t be first or last person to tell us…

that you have ‘tried everything’ to remove the odour from your rug. From the odour eating powders to hiring a carpet cleaning machine and even the local carpet cleaner couldn’t help to remove the smell properly, ‘it just keeps coming back!’

This is where our our thorough 12 step cleaning process come into its own and our pet pre-treatments will eliminate these problems for you.

Pet Stains and odour pre-treatments.

Being able to pre-treat pet stains and odours in our purpose built rug spa means we are able to remove odours caused by pet accidents.

Pet urine, especially cat urine is notoriously difficult to remove from rugs and soft furnishings as quite often our pets are marking their territory and this ‘scent’ is designed to stay put. Well our specifically designed pre-treatment breaks down the urine crystal and removes the odour before going through the cleaning process.

There is no masking the smell, it’s eradicated and left clean, fresh and safe for you and your pet to enjoy once again.

Advanced treatments for pet stains and odours in rugs

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