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Here you can upload a picture of your rug that you would like cleaning. Adding a picture of your rug helps us by showing what the construction of your rug is and therefore we are able to give you a better idea of costs and the cleaning procedure that will best suit your rug.

Please include as much information as possible about your rug. For example the fibre of which your rug is made of, The size of your rug, any accidents, spills or odours you may be concerned with all help to determine the best cleaning procedure for best results.

Please see the example picture below for the correct way of taking a photograph of your rug to send to us. It is important that you take the photograph in the same way as the example picture of the Afghan Chobi rug below.

Please note only one file may be uploaded and the picture file must but less than 1meagbyte in size or it will not load successfully. Please reduce your picture quality on your camera before taking the photograph of your rug. Or you may wish to send us a direct email with several pictures attched to