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How to clean a sheepskin rug

How To Clean a Sheepskin Rug

Sheepskin rugs look and feel amazing when you have just bought it and laid it on the floor, but after a while you notice that the fur has started to matt together and is looking rather flat and dull, however you just aren’t sure how to clean your sheepskin rug. Sheepskin hides can be tricky …

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Rug being cleaned by the Arcadia Rug Spa team

Rug Cleaning Training.

Although Derek and Sian had been cleaning carpets and rugs for the last 10 years we always keep up to date with our rug cleaning training and our motto is “you learn something new every day” We are always looking for the latest training to further our knowledge and going that extra step each time. Our most …

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Arcadia Rug Spa deep cleaning a pet stained rug in Cheshire

Can Rugs Be Good For Your Health?

Most of us over here in the UK are very house-proud people, and we’re often more than happy to have friends and family over, sharing the enjoyment and comfort of our homes. When shopping for furniture and fittings, you’re always on the lookout for the right balance of practicality, longevity and aesthetics. In short, you …

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Moth Damage In Rugs

Moths and Moth Damage in Rugs

Moths and Moth Damage. There are several moths that could be responsible for causing damage to your rugs and carpets in your home, but the likely culprits are either the carpet moth or the clothes moth. Although it’s not actually the adult moth that causes the damage, it’s actually at the larvae stage of its …

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